Espre IT is a small sized company with experience, talented and hard-working people to achieve clients business needs. The global experience helps us take a holistic approach towards our client's business problems and come up with innovative and effective solutions.

Our Guiding Principle

We are the work we do.

This is our guiding principle at Espre Information Technologies – what we imagine, create, and produce speaks for itself. With this attitude, quality is something we do not have to worry about and neither do you. It is so much entrenched in our cultural DNA at Espre Information Technologies that it comes naturally to us. For more proof, head over to our Portfolio section and take a look at the work that we have done for our clients.

Our Cultural DNA

Working with clients all over the globe has enabled us to create and foster a culture that appreciates and values the good things in life – our expertise and our relationships. This cultural DNA is what has helped us stand out and flourish where a lot of our competitors flounder.

Problem-solving, quality, client focus and people (This can be in the form of a small graphic with a DNA-shaped image and the four qualities inside instead of ladder steps. Also, embedded in the outside strands are two words each at one side – Our Expertise and Our Relationships. Our expertise will include problem-solving and quality. Our relationships will include client focus and people.)

Our Expertise

Problem Solving

There is no business problem that we cannot solve. Why? Because our perspective is unique. We treat problems as opportunities to exercise our considerable creativity and imagination so that we can deliver an innovative and effective solution for our client. In addition, we have perfected a result-oriented consulting approach that helps us produce future-centric solutions that our competitors cannot even imagine of.


Quality is our middle name. It comes naturally to us. Even if it didn't, our huge industry experience and tried-and-tested tools and processes ensure that no product of ours is out before it has undergone rigorous quality checks and is declared “excellent” by our very stringent Quality Assurance team.


If quality is our middle name, innovation is surely our last name. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and out-of-the-box solutions to your problems. We push ourselves to gain knowledge of the way you do business so that we deliver solutions that fit in with your tools and processes. We will also push you to look deep into your business problems so as to identify the right root causes and then use our innovative approaches to design an effective solution.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is our mantra. We understand how important your investments are and how they impact your business and bottom line. We believe that these investments should be used to their maximum potential by effectively and consciously managing costs. We also believe that the return on these investments should be visible as soon as possible. Therefore, we consciously and actively work in a cost-effective manner so that you can reap the maximum benefits of your investments as soon as possible.

Our Relationships

Client Focus

Our focus on clients and their needs is what makes us stand apart from our competitors in the market. We are not in the market to make money by creating and delivering off-the-shelf products and services to our clients. What we do is deliver innovative and effective solutions for your business problems. How we do this? By creating customized and unique solutions that are a tight fit for your business needs. Also, our strong and transparent project management skills and ability to work in all time zones help us keep our clients involved in the whole development cycle. This ensures we are delivering the right thing at the right time, thereby exceeding your expectations.

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset. They are also young, dynamic, and vibrant. Their hard work is what has helped us achieve our potential time and again and exceed our clients’ expectations. We believe in keeping our people abreast of technological developments so that they can use this knowledge and insight to deliver excellence in their work, thereby creating out-of-box innovative solutions.